ONE DAY WITH Ms S.  is the first exclusive collection from Haus of Jewelry.  It’s inspired from Ms S daily life in the glorious days of the 50s’ when the war was over and baby boomers just began.

After World War II, Women were restrained to live at home or in the kitchen, to do traditionally womanly duties - raising children and looking after their houses.  Ms. S represents an untypical woman in the 50's because she thinks beyond what others do, yet hides it under couture cocktail dresses, stiletto heels, billowing skirts and her extraordinary jewelry.  Regardless of the fragile and feminine appeal, Ms S is not what she appears to be on the inside. No one can predict what she will be doing next.
So Guess what Ms S. does in one day? Cooking, cleaning or killing. But one thing we can be sure she never forgets to wear her precious jewelry.